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Welcome to Milne eBooks.

We have been creating eBooks since 2008.  We began with PDF eBooks (some link to more information on the web) and now create eBooks for eReaders.

We publish and sell eBooks through Lulu.com and sell through iBookstore (iTunes), Amazon (Kindle), Google Inc, Kobo Books, Nook, and Scribd Inc.  We also sell some of our eBooks on this site through FetchApp.com which is a 3rd party site that takes payments via Paypal and delivers the digital product.

Our eBooks can be read on Android Devices, Apple Devices, Kindle, and any other eReader available.  Earlier versions are available in PDF format.

We are sure you will enjoy reading the varied eBooks we have.  Visit our library to check them out.

We have added some of our hypnosis audios to this site as the physical CD’s are now available on Amazon Globally.  They have been available on Amazon USA for a number of years and are now available worldwide.  We will not list the digital download hypnosis audios on this site as they are readily available on other sites.

Our blog will give updates, author previews, and useful information.  Visit our blog and comment as much as you like.  Interesting and lively views are most welcome.

Best wishes

Tim Milne

Our Cookie and Privacy Policy pages were updated 25 May, 2018 and can be found in the Docs tab.

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