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Best Certified Life Coaching Program, Life Coach Certification Online – lifeoptimizationcoaching.com

Life-Optimization Coaches champion people to live their best lives by impacting the 6 Key Life Areas:

The way that Life-Optimization Coaches impact others is by looking with them for areas where their lives are not working optimally while supporting them to put into place whatever may be missing to enhance their personal effectiveness, improve their communication, charisma and relationships, add fulfillment and meaning to life, and allow them to harness the laws of the universe to attract wealth and abundance, happiness, and passion�in other words, to live their Dream Lives!

Ron Tippe Film Producer, Everyone’s Hero and Shrek Creativity Empowerment Coach

Are committed to their client’s excellence and, at the same time, not attached to his or her responses.

Hold those they coach as totally capable and competent while looking for what might be missing for them to fully experience their magnificence.

Source the person coached to be their best and live with passion while playing full out to accomplish their goals.

Champion the person coached to be the best they can be with the goal of ultimate invisibility for themselves as a coach. The coach’s ego must not be a factor in the relationship.

Have permission to tell the truth and not step over uncomfortable topics or situations in order to avoid discomfort or look good.

Support their coaching clients in an accountability structure, ensuring that they follow through on what they say they will do.

The principles and exercises we teach change lives. Many decide to take our program just to become more effective with others, lead happier more fulfilling lives, learn the secrets of attracting abundance and living happily while becoming students of the Personal Development Process so that they can impact their own lives and those of their families. Others derive great satisfaction from being able to impact the lives of others…and be Paid extraordinarily well at the same time. If you enjoy listening to others and helping them lead more successful, happier, more abundant and fulfilling lives, then becoming a Life-Optimization Coach may be for you!

Can earn rewarding incomes by working with others to solve life and business challenges, improve relationships, add joy and fulfillment, and enhance personal effectiveness.

Can take pride in shifting the consciousness of our planet by having a direct impact on those they work with.

"None of the training courses and seminars which I attended over 40 years in management and executive positions in the Aerospace and Aviation industry provided me with the insight into myself and relations with those other people in my world, professional and personal, that I gained from Dr. Joe Rubino’s program. Without question, it provided the key to the door through which lies the greatest opportunity in my life, that of empowering others with the means to achieve their desires. I cannot stress the value, nor recommend it higher!"

The Center for Personal Reinvention Certified Life Optimization Coaching Program will teach you what you need to know to become certified as an Instructor to coach others to:

Take responsibility for everything that shows up in their lives and learn the secrets to realizing all their goals with velocity.

27 Audio mp3 recordings to guide you to learn the Success Principles essential for people to live their best lives.

4 video segments on such topics as “Creating a Powerful Life Optimization Plan,” “Creating an Effective Personal Development Structure for Life,” “Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose” and “The Power of Coaching.”

Effortlessly acquire the “success distinctions” that will propel anyone forward to experiencing their best life.

Learn to create interpretations that support excellence and to avoid those that lead to self-sabotage.

Develop the ability to lead with direction and purpose, and discover what the costs are not to do so.

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA Director, Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. Recipient 2005 International Peace Prize

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