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Poetry Corner

Below are some experiments in poetry written by me under the name T. Alexander de Carteret Milne … enjoy!

My thanks goes to Stephen Fry who managed to do something the beautiful Miss Welch (lovely legs) failed to do in my (All-Boys) Secondary School English classes, teach me how to attempt to write poetry properly with his book; The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking The Poet Within.

The Rose

By T. Alexander de Carteret Milne – 11.12.2005

The Rose, the symbol making love for us

A thing of beautiful experience.

The love the Rose empowers within us

Has meaning throughout history as one

That drives a man to strive for perfection.

The Rose has meaning for men whose ambition

Is to become one with the universal

Mindset. The Cosmic Consciousness inherent

In every living thing – its force vibrating.

–  -* *- –

The Enlightenment

By T. Alexander de Carteret Milne – 29.01.2007

The sword, the cross the rose – the soul of man.

In war we know much hatred! Know yourself!

In peace we live forever knowing love.

Through love, forgiveness brings enlightenment.

–  -* *- –

The Cold Steel

By T. Alexander de Carteret Milne – 28.10.2007

Knives clashing, metal colliding; cold steel!

Bones creaking, tissue breaking; more cold steel.

Fingers dangling, cut limp; the blade now dropped.

His breath no more, prostrate. Now stopped this life.

–  -* *- –

The Illusion

By T. Alexander de Carteret Milne – 11.11.2007

The creation of the Son of God, so

Designed to imprison the souls of men.

The illusion so inspiring, still told!

Confusing? Touches guilt perhaps? But will

It from this, the creation of man’s

Living Soul, bring the Son of Man to us?

Not of a virgin, but through pure endless

Visions of love and eternal respect.

–  -* *- –

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