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Eliminate Smoking with a Day at the Beach CD

Available from Amazon – http://amzn.to/2CBuaSr

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool. It has been used by people all over the world to help them achieve their goals, manage stress, change negative beliefs and thought patterns, to heal emotional wounds, eliminate fears and habits, and it has even been used by doctors to treat medical conditions.


Eliminate Smoking with a Day at the Beach a 24 minute Hypnosis Session designed to help you fight nicotine addiction.

Your mind functions in four stages of consciousness

First is Beta, the waking state – we can make decisions easily.

Second is Alpha, the brain slows down and narrows its focus This is when we are in a light hypnotic trance and we are 200 times more suggestible.

The third stage is Theta – this is equivalent to a light sleep. In Theta you can easily be woken by a sound or a light touch.

The final stage is Delta – this is a deep sound sleep.
Whilst almost anyone can go that deep in normal sleep only about 10% of the population ever go that deep in an hypnotic trance. The chances of you going that deep are very slim.

Eliminate Smoking with a Day at the Beach

  • Hypnosis is a proven technique
  • Helps fight nicotine addiction
  • You are always in control even under hypnosis
  • Relaxing – so you can even use this recording at night time to relax
  • Positive changes take time so you should listen to this audio every night for at least 21 days to help with nicotine addiction.

You can even have an extremely effective hypnosis session whilst being aware of, and able to recall, every word spoken by the hypnotist. In fact you may be aware of everything said during the hypnosis session and that is OK because you are still in hypnosis and are benefiting from it.

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