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New pages added

Just a short post to say I have added new pages to the site. The first page is Poetry Corner.  My thanks goes to Stephen Fry who managed to do something the beautiful Miss Welch failed to do in my Secondary School English classes, teach me how to attempt to...
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Change Your Life : Change Your Thinking

Change Your Life : Change Your Thinking is a self-help book with exercises and tips in changing your thinking to a more positive existence. Use it for everyday help. Sections include a work book with exercises, and information on hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I have used the...
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An Introduction to Hypnotherapy is on Google Books

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy Tim Milne 2014 Read More… Enjoy this book now! "Tim Milne Presents ... Think and Grow Rich" Get this book from Amazon Now! Affiliate Disclosure: Some links will take you to recommended products. We only recommend products that we have either personally checked out...
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